It’s no secret we love Tesla. We even offer the Model X to rent while staying with us. And who doesn’t love to drive a Tesla? Here’s a few reasons why we specifically chose a Tesla for you to rent while staying with Luxury Concierge Co.


  1. Supercharger Network: While in Denver, we encourage you to explore – take day trips to our mountains to the west, forests to the north, and dunes to the south. But it’s hard to do that when having to stop for gas constantly or re-charge if you’re driving electric cars. Charging stations charge electric cars about half as fast as the Tesla Supercharger stations. The problem with standard electric vehicle (EV) chargers is they allow the car to be charged for local and regional trips. But traveling long distances is harder and requires stops to charge more frequently.  The Supercharger allows for long-range trips, making the Tesla the perfect luxury get-away car.
  2. Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates: The Tesla is continuously rolling out software updates – on its own accord. Because it’s an electric run vehicle, it is technology and software based. So like a computer, updates are needed. But unlike your computer, a Tesla doesn’t tell you when it needs an update; it just does it. These updates happen overnight through the wifi system and when you go to turn the car on in the morning, the screen shows all updates that have occurred. Don’t take our word for it – take Stephen Colbert’s.
  3. Performance: The Tesla has proven its worth as far as speed goes. The Model S is quicker than all but 5 production car in history  (Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche narrowly top the Tesla S by .1-.3 seconds) for 0 to 60/mph in acceleration. And our Model X isn’t that far behind. *Please drive cautiously in city driving.
  4. All electric: The Tesla (all models) has been designed from the start to be electric proving it is possible for an EV to be a luxury car for passengers, drivers, and families. Since the Tesla was designed from the beginning to be an electric car – and not an additional feature – the engine and interior makeup is unlike other EVs.  Tesla is designed around its electric powertrain and battery. “The battery pack didn’t have to be squeezed into spaces previously occupied by a gasoline car’s trunk, rear seats or engine bay. And there’s no transmission hump or drive shaft tunnel.” (source)
  5. Features of our Model X: Falcon wing doors, autopilot, panoramic windshield.  Need we go on? Our Model X  has Falcon wing doors that open half-way or fully and automatically closes when you sit inside and tap on the brake pedal. The panoramic windshield extends past the driver and passengers head – turning the car into almost a backward version of a convertible. And the autopilot feature allows for the car to accelerate, decelerate and come to a complete stop without your assistance. However, it can’t automatically stop the vehicle at red lights.