Top-shelf hardware.

Unlimited rentals included.

Looking to try the latest and greatest hardware?

​We stay current with the latest equipment, and maintain a high-end inventory of tried-and-true smoking, dabbing & vaping gear.

​The following hardware is included complimentary in each property:

  • 18” triple-honeycomb glass bong with smoke turbine and ice catcher.
  • “Faberge Egg” glass dab rig with titanium nail.
  • ​​Electronic nail (“e-nail”) with titanium nail or glass banger.
  • Assortment of glass hand pipes, bubblers and chillums.
  • Rolling tray, titanium grinder, silicone smoking mat.
  • Smoking accessories such as papers, lighters, ashtrays, and roach clips.

Looking for a piece that’s not listed above? Got hardware suggestions? Hit us up.

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