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4 Ways We Can Improve Your Colorado Experience

By October 18, 2018 March 23rd, 2019 No Comments

Colorado is officially a tourist destination and it isn’t hard to believe. Thanks to the local craft brew scene, outdoor events and venues (cough Red Rocks) and the legalization of recreational marijuana, there’s something for everyone to do here. And there’s a lot to do. So on your next visit, why not make the most out of it? Luxury Concierge Co. is determined to help make your vacation one of the best. We offer a variety of services that will take your Colorado vacation to the next level (literally and figuratively).


A new city can feel overwhelming – especially Denver. While it’s not as crowded as the streets of NYC or LA, our streets are lined with local bars, restaurants and shops. And that’s just in Denver. We have whole mountain range  to the west; filled with towns to explore and trails to hike. So why worry about directions and transportation? Enjoy the city without the hassle and stress of a car. We can take you anywhere you want to go in our Luxury Stretch Limo. Oh, we also do airport pick-up and drop-off because we all know worrying about getting to the airport is a whole other stresser.

Places to go & Things to do

Our staff lives in Denver. We travel around Colorado. We have a rare Denver native on our team (they’re practically unicorns at this point). Needless to say, we know this area. We love to eat, drink, go out and explore. So while you can go on Yelp! and read reviews for different places, we can give you the true opinions of places. Like tacos? We know several places but it depends what kind of margarita you like to go with your taco. Looking for a secluded hike? There’s a backroad no one but locals know about. We have a lot of valuable insight, and all you have to do is ask.

Grocery delivery

You’re on vacation. The LAST thing you should even think about doing is going to the grocery store. Forgot a toothbrush? We’ll pick you up one. Want a six-pack of our local craft brew? Yeah, we’ll get that too. Want to order pizza? Sure you can order. Or we can order and pick it up for you. We will cater to your every grocery need and whim.

Cannabis-friendly lodging

While Colorado has legalized the use of medical and recreational, that doesn’t mean the whole state is one big free-for-all. Laws and regulations still apply for where you can and can’t smoke. And legally, you can’t smoke in a public space or a privately own establishment unless stated otherwise. So that hotel or Airbnb you were looking at? There’s most likely a no-smoking symbol at the bottom of the page. Luckily, we’re here to help out. All – and we mean all – our lodging is cannabis friendly meaning you can enjoy all the goodies and treats from one of our many dispensaries, right in the comfort of the living room. Oh, and did we forget to mention our transportation is cannabis-friendly too?

So next time you take a trip for a Denver vacation, remember we’ll be here to help make it the most memorable trip yet.

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