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While Denver has a great nightlife, and is known for the various outdoor mountain activities – we also have some great local parks. That are perfect for picnics packed with food our private chef can make you.

Washington park


Washington Park (or Wash Park as the locals call it) is one of the more popular and well known parks in the city. Offering large grassy fields and 2.6 mile loop, you’ll find the park filled with people playing volleyball, running, walking, and biking among the other various amount of things. In addition, there are also tennis courts and two ponds that tend to see a lot of fishing and paddle boating.

City Park


Home to the Denver Nature & Science Museum, as well as the Denver Zoo – if you take a trip to City Park it will definitely be a day trip. There are no shortage of activities to do. A common park for rec leagues, there are grassy fields filled with soccer players, kickball, softball, and volleyball as well as playgrounds for the kids to enjoy.

Cheesman Park


Cheeseman was built on a former cemetery and is said to be haunted – but don’t let that scare you away. It’s one of the more simple parks; offering just a large open field for people to sun bathe, play some lawn games, or enjoy a picnic with friends. The Pavilion marks the center of the park and was built in 1910. It’s also a common place for people to have photo shoots, prom pictures, or scenic photography – so bring a camera!

Mestizo-Curtis Park

Photo via Mestizo-Curtis Park Facebook

Photo via Mestizo-Curtis Park Facebook

Mestizo-Curtis Park is Denver’s oldest park, originally developed in 1868 under the name Curtis Park. You can feel the historic significance surrounding it – with the mixture of culture and ethnicity in the neighborhood.  It’s within walking distance of most of our properties. It offers a large playground, tennis court, basketball court, a recreational swimming pool and plenty of picnic tables to enjoy a day at the park.

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