4 Things to Know Before Coming to Denver

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Your bags are packed, your flight is booked and you are ready to jet off to Denver for some much needed relaxation and vacation time. Maybe you’re planning on checking out some dispensaries, seeing a concert at Red Rocks, catching a Rockies game or taking a hike on one of our many mountain trails. All are great choices. But before you go, here are some things us Colorado locals want out-of-towners to know.


altitude is a real thing


Nothing will prepare you. One minute you’re walking, everything is great, and then quite literally the next minute, you’re lungs feel like they have shriveled and disappeared. Are they still there? You can’t be sure. You’re too busy trying to swallow because your throat has gone dry from the lack of oxygen. Your legs feel fine. You could walk miles. If you could breathe that is.

The weather is more unreliable than your home wifi


You wake up to blue skies and by 4 p.m. there’s been a hail storm, some severe wind, rain, maybe snow and quite possibly a tornado or two thrown in there. But you better believe you’ll be seeing a beautiful sunset with a cloud or two in the sky. Trying to dress for the weather is like trying to order a burger from a Chinese restaurant. You might as well stop while you’re ahead. It’s safe to say you should just pack for all four seasons and wear something that can be worn for all of them too.

we have our own slang


5280, 14er, Rockpile, PFM, Donkeys, Mousetrap, Casa Bonita, Granola, Transplant, The Springs, Kings, LoDo, RiNo, SoBo, SoDo, NoDo, LoHi…following?

we love the outdoors


We love being outside. Regardless of the ever changing weather. There could be a snow storm outside and you will see at least two people biking to work. The streets are filled with people biking to work and the parks are packed on the weekend with recreational volleyball games, soccer games, people walking their dogs or just laying out and enjoying some sun. And this is only in the city. Don’t even think about what everyone is doing in the mountains. It gets too overwhelming.

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