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Guide to Denver: Bachelorette Party Weekend

By September 20, 2017 March 23rd, 2019 One Comment

Denver is a great place to enjoy a weekend getaway. Whether with family or friends, there’s always something to do. And each week Luxury Concierge Co. will together a guide for your trip. We’ll give you an itinerary,  suggestions on things to do and places to go, as well as offer recommendations for anything you’re wanting to see or do as well.

This week we’ve put together the guide for the ultimate bachelorette party weekend.  Prior to your trip, we’ll make sure the fridge is fully stocked, reservations are made, and transportation is set up. We want to help make this the most memorable weekend for you and your gals – besides the wedding, of course.



The moment you step foot outside the airport, our driver will be waiting – drinks in hand. Our 12-passenger cannabis-friendly stretch limo comes equipped with a fully stocked bar where we’ll make sure it’s filled with any special drinks or food requests you may have prior to your arrival.

Dispensary Stop

Ballpark Hollistic Dispensary via Westword

Ballpark Hollistic Dispensary via Westword

On the way into town, you may notice the plethora of dispensaries. If this is something that you’ve been on the fence about, talk to us! We can help answer any questions you may have or take you to a dispensary to at least satisfy your curiosity. One of our favorites is Ballpark Holistic. However, just because recreational marijuana is now legal in Colorado and we offer cannabis-friendly lodging doesn’t mean you have to smoke the green to have a great weekend. This city has plenty of things to do and see that doesn’t require you to be high to enjoy.

That being said, you’re only here for a bachelorette weekend once.



Our airport pick-up will take you and your gals directly to your luxury loft or house. Take time to get settled in, nap, freshen up – whatever it maybe. Forget to pack a toothbrush? Our 24-hour Concierge will go get you one. We’ll have the fridge fully stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks before you come, but if you think of anything last minute, we’ll grab that too. And any other items that will make the bachelorette weekend unforgettable.

Appetizers + Drinks at Corridor 44

Photo Courtesy of Wedding Spot

Photo Courtesy of Wedding Spot

After you’re all settled in, it’s time for some appetizers and drinks to get the night started off right. And what better place than a bar that has happy hour champagne cocktails for $4. From 4pm – 6pm, enjoy wells, craft beer and champagne cocktails for $4. Some of our personal favorites are The Classic, Bellini, and the Hawaiian Mimosa. Corridor 44 is located In Larimer Square; home to award winning restaurants, bars and local boutiques.

If you’re craving some substance at this point, Corridor 44 has an extensive menu of appetizers, side dishes, sandwiches and large plates to share with friends.

Voicebox karaoke bar

Photo via Voicebox Karaoke

Photo via Voicebox Karaoke

After dinner, it’s time to hit the town. Let loose singing some of your favorite songs with your Voicebox Karaoke  box. Voicebox Karaoke bar has private karaoke suites meaning you and your party are the only ones in your suite, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of strangers – just each other. The private suites are each equipped with a flat screen TV, two microphones, remote-controlled song selection and attentive, personal service.

Book a box at Voicebox for you and your gals to sing the night away (or we can book it for you). Voicebox also offers great bachelorette party packages with full food and beverage service.


Red Rocks Workout

Photo via Cherry Creek Lifestyle

Photo via Cherry Creek Lifestyle

Let us be clear, by workout we mean walking up stairs. Slowly. If the previous night was done right, you won’t want to even get out of bed. But it would be a crime not to see Red Rocks at least once while here. Grab some coffee from of our many coffee shops (Crema Coffeehouse, St. Mark’s Coffeehouse and Port Side are some local favorites). Or we’ll bring some up to you. Either way, caffeinate and get to Red Rocks.

Red Rocks allows open access to the park beginning at 7 a.m.,  so people are usually working out on the steps of the venue or hiking the trails of the park. Both are great options that offer picture-worthy views. So if you and your gals have trouble getting out of bed in the A.M., just remember: do it for the Instagram.

Brunch at Snooze, An A.M Eatery

Photo via My San Antonio webpage

Photo via My San Antonio webpage

After that workout, and if you ladies managed to actually work up a sweat You deserve morning mimosas and pancakes at the best brunch spot in town: Snooze. Depending on what time you go, there will be a wait. But it’s worth it. The 60’s-themed diner serves up some of the best hash browns in town. They always have a pancake of the day (past flavors have included Coffee and Doughnuts, Pineapple Jalapeño, S’mores and Blueberry Crumble) as well as breakfast burritos that will knock you into a food coma. Eating brunch at Snooze is a right of passage in Denver.

Mimosas + Crafing at Upstairs Circus

Photo via Via the Ringmaster webpage

Photo via Via the Ringmaster webpage

Upstairs Circus is an awesome place to get your craft-on. You can now do those crazy Pinterest projects you always pin but never actually try. And for the less artsy gals in the group, there are easier crafts to make – and complimentary bottomless mimosas to sip. If anything, you’ll at least take away an arts & crafts project from this trip. And that’s something to be proud of.

This is another event that should be booked in advanced, one that we will gladly do for you and your ladies. You just relax and enjoy those mimosas.

Spa Time at the woodhouse

Photo via Woohouse

Photo via Woohouse

At this point in the day, you may feel like some much needed R&R. And we fully support that. But it should while receiving a massage and facial at the spa. The Woodhouse Day Spa is one of Denver’s most beloved and popular spas. The spa was once a historic home which was built for Senator Merritt in 1886. This beautiful three story, 10 bedroom home has since been converted into the perfect place for the spa experience.

The spa offers bachelorette and bridal party packages as well. From manicures and pedicures, to luxury massages to waxing – the Woodhouse offers it all.

Prepare to relax and be indulged

Dinner at Avanti Food & Beverage

Photo Courtesy of Avanti F&B Facebook page

Photo Courtesy of Avanti F&B Facebook page

After the spa, you should feel rejuvenated and refreshed – ready for another night on the town. Avanti Food & Beverage offers one of the best views of downtown Denver. Located in the Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood, Avanti is part food, court part bar. There are two levels to the building – the first floor being a food court with cafeteria style seating. Some of Denver’s best food vendors have a spot in the court and the food types vary – from tacos to burgers to pizza and ice cream. This place has it all. And it tastes so much better than cafeteria food.

Upstairs is the rooftop bar and it does not disappoint. The seating outside ranges from lush couches, tables and chairs, stools against the railing to a whole wooden bleacher section overlooking the city. This is truly a picture-worthy rooftop. Some craft cocktails to try include the Avanti Old Fashion, Smoked Mule and the Avanti Patio Negroni.

This bar does get crowded so come early to find a good seat.

Dancing at Howl at the Moon

Photo via Unique Venues webpage

Photo via Unique Venues webpage

The piano bar Howl at the Moon has been to go-to nightlife spot in downtown Denver for dancing all night long. Part bar and part concert, Howl at the Moon offers live music to your favorite songs.  You’ll hear anything from rock to hip-hop to jazz. And don’t forget to try their signature 86 oz. buckets of booze.

Howl at the Moon is another place that caters to bachelorette parties. Several packages are available and can include express venue entry, tasty Jello Shots a shout-out to the girl soon to be dressed in white and so much more. Reservations are required so let us know, and we’ll call it in. Howl will also provide bottle service, and upon request, some male entertainment – officially making it a bachelorette party weekend.


Brunch at Olive & Finch

Photo via Lion + Mane webpage

Photo via Lion + Mane webpage

The morning you leave will hopefully be the hardest one yet. Not only because of how well you celebrated the night before, but because you’re having an amazing time with your closest friends in a beautiful and vibrant city. But to help kickstart the recovery process from the weekend activities, brunch at Olive & Finch is a must. With great patio seating, and some high quality and healthy food, it’s the perfect place to start the day and wrap up the weekend.

They also have awesome mimosas because mimosas are never a bad idea.

This is a loose itinerary and there are so many other things to do and see here. If something else catches your eye or you want other suggestions, let us know! We know this city pretty well.

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