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The Stages of Packing for a Trip

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We’ve all done this before. Experienced the excitement of a trip, the denial and procrastination of packing, and the panic that you forgot something or fear you lost your boarding pass. And while Luxury Concierge Co. will gladly help get you something you may have forgotten (because at one point or another, we’ve all forgotten a toothbrush), we still know the trials and tribulations of packing for a trip.

We’re in this together.

1. first Comes Excitement


Yay! A vacation. Finally. You deserve this.

2. Then you start Mentally Preparing what to bring


You start to think about all the things you’re going to need. You’ll definitely bring workout clothes because you will workout while here. Also your best dress clothes because going out for a night on the town is a must.

3. but then you’re in deep procrastination when to actually pack


You’ll start packing after this next episode. You swear.  You still have plenty of time anyway. Your flight doesn’t leave until 11am tomorrow morning.

4.  then comes straight up Denial


Taking a look at your suitcase (the night before you leave) and you’ve barely even covered the bottom of your suitcase. You’ve accomplished a lot.

5. So then you have to start Figuring out what to pack

digital spy

You don’t know what the weather is going to be like, if you’ll be hot in the day and cold at night. You don’t know what each day’s activities require and you’ll definitely want to change clothes from day to evening wear. You might at well pack everything – just to be safe.

6. how you think packing will go


I have a plan. Everything has a place.

7. and how it actually goes


This can still work. It will all fit.

8. Then you start Thinking about other luggage options you may have


I still have that one roller suitcase, right? It has to be bigger than this one.

9. Then comes the dreaded zipping up of the suitcase

the odyssey

There is clearly no negotiating.

10. forget about sleep


Did you pack everything? Are your forgetting something? What time is your flight? DID YOU PRINT YOUR BOARDING PASS?

Sleep may be a temporary, fleeting luxury tonight.

12. But somehow, you made it

Only sweating a little, no one was left behind, you remembered your boarding pass AND I.D., and you’re in-flight cocktail is on its way.

13. You’re Officially in Vacation Mode


Vacation email is on. You can receive no work calls or texts from here on-out.

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